Strawberry Jam A Photo Essay By Bill Brady Food Photographer

My wife and I have been collaborating on these photo Essays. I actually shot this one at the same time I was shooting the Banana Muffin Essay. She was cooking while I was shooting and both series were being photographed simultaneously. The challenge was to time it out so I could capture both essays.

Unlike my commercial assignments, these photo sessions are a much less structured. I enjoy the free form The session takes since I don’t know what things are going to look like. I compare it to Jazz since the notes are not predetermined. For lighting I was switching from natural light to strobe depending on the need.

Our farmhouse in upstate New York is the perfect setting for this type of work. I don’t travel with my commercial lighting package so I use either bounce cards and mirrors with natural light or a single Quantium flash. I don’t attach the strobe to the camera I mix the light with a time exposure on a tripod.

It forces me to be both improvisational with the lighting and also to think fast. So many of my commercial assignments require much greater focus to a specific vision. .

Look forward to more of these and if you like post a comment.


Bill Brady Food Photographer.

Photographer Bill Brady
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