Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to review my work and capabilities. At Bill Brady Photography we produce beautiful, mouth-watering, thirst-quenching, content at it’s highest level. Our goal is to provide clients with creative and innovative ways to fulfill their marketing goals & feed their content stream. We create tasteful and beautifully executed still and motion food assets. We work with top brands, Michelin chefs. start ups and all manner of clients in-between.

My team and I have recently completed package photography for Ian’s Gluten Free, Addis, and Golden Krust consumer initiatives. We have shot over 400 package SKU’s for Walmart’s Great Value brand.

My team and I are strong in the spirits space, working for brands like Angry Orchard, Truly Hard Seltzer, Upstate Vodka and Barrows Intense Ginger Liquor.

Here are a few things about me. I love food & photography. I grew up in an Italian American culinary household where food was life. My family owned Puffy’s Tavern in Tribeca. I discovered my love for food photography early in my career and never looked back. My approach to food photography is simple. I always ask a simple question, does this photo make me want to eat or drink what I am shooting?

Relationships are the key to any business and I strive to foster relationships that last. I would love continue this conversation and discuss the possibility of working with Momentum. Here is a link to my work and some of the clients I work with. I look forward to hearing from you

Client Testimonials

“I had hired Bill for a photoshoot for my new website and was extremely happy with the results. Bill was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I have worked with many photographers over the years and Bill has been the most productive and easiest to work with. But more importantly, the quality of the photos was excellent. Being a Michelin chef/ restaurateur it is my goal to surpass customer expectations, and Bill did just that for me.”

Terrance Brennan

CEO – Brennan Group Hospitality

“Sit back while neglected websites are remade”

“Not like your typical general contractor”

“Technology driven website-renovations”

“Handles the full remodel from start to finish”