NYC Union Square Farmer’s Market Burger


NYC Union Square Farmer’s Market Burger (six servings)

It’s grilling time and what could be more enticing than a luscious beef burger that makes use of beef from local farms and ingredients from a farm stand? This recipe features local grass-fed beef, fresh shallots, and Boston lettuce. Maytag blue cheese and McIlhenny Tabasco sauce round out the presentation.



3 medium shallots, chopped fine
1 t Worcestershire sauce
½ t McIlhenny Tabasco Sauce
3 lbs. freshly ground sirloin from grass fed beef, 20% fat
1 t salt
Scant ½ t freshly ground pepper

6 seeded rolls halved


1 small head Boston lettuce

Maytag blue cheese slices, enough to cover 6 burgers

6 1/4 inch slices red onion

Other toppings as desired–ketchup, hamburger dills, etc.


In a grill with a cover, prepare a medium-hot fire for direct heat cooking.

Mix shallots, Worcestershire, and Tabasco sauce with 3 lbs. of ground sirloin. Add 1 t salt and scant ½ t freshly ground pepper.

Form six ½ lb. patties and place on grill until nicely browned for about 5 minutes. Turn over and grill another 5 minutes or until just done throughout, but juicy.

Shortly before burgers are done, place rolls cut side down on grill and toast lightly. Place lettuce leaves, burgers on bottom halves and top with cheese slices and onion slices. Serves six.

Recipe inspired by Chris Kirigin’s All-American Zinburger, a finalist in the Sutter Home Winery Build a Better Burger Contest.

Photographer Bill Brady
Recipe Provided by Phyllis Kirigin, aka sweetpaprika