Lighting drinks an inside technique by Food Photographer Bill Brady

Lighting drink shots can be fairly simple. Getting the right action can be hard.

How do we do it? the yummy pour shot it may be simpler than you think.

Always use strobes.

When lighting on white I use 2 simple lights bouncing off the background and

2 more diffused light to front light.

The key is to get an even tone throughout the shot. Set the  back lights at the exact same

angle and distance from the subject on opposite sides. If you have a big set. Make sure they are

at maximum power.

Take 2 lights on soft boxes and angle them in the same fashion. About half power or 1 above half.

Test to see if  the back lights are not overpowering the back rim of the glass. If so bump the front

light up and adjust exposure accordingly.

I usually shoot on white plexiglass because of the spills. Seamless is not a good choice.

Here come the tricky part.  You need to time the pour. Have help with this because it’s hard to pour

shoot a capture, a long cable release will suffice if no help is available.

Fill the glass half way let it settle then pour and capture.

Keep repeating until you get the head and pour the way you want.

Take a straw and remove liquid, wipe the top of the glass with windex and repeat until

you get the shot. It could take 100 pours to get it just right or you may nail it on the 3rd try.

Have fun.

Photographer Bill Brady by Victor Ribaudo <a Food Stylist Brian Preston Campbell