Oh to live on Pig Mountain

The Pig Mountain Festival occurred Saturday August 24, 2013 in Narrowsburg, New York. 14 NY Chefs, cooking 14 pigs descended on the normally sleepy Western Catskill town nestled next to the Delaware River. The result was a veritable feast of all things pork thanks to co-founders Heather Carlucci and Matthew Solomon who began this “other white meat” madness as a punk rock show in their basement. http://www.pigmt.com

$30 bought 10 tickets, each ticket redeemable for one plate of food. The pigs were cooked off-site at the local boy scout camp. Each chef created  signitature pig dishes, with accompanying sides. A variety of dishes and techniques were presented. From fried pig’s ears and kimchi to a traditional slow cooked pulled pork to bacon flavored desserts, the festival went whole hog attracting over 1,500 attendees.

Vegetarian or squeamish readers may want to skip this one. This series contains graphic images of cooked pigs, 14 animals devoured in the making of this photo essay. They were all delicious!

002PigMountain_3888 003PigMountain_3852.v2 004PigMountain_3889 005PigMountain_3844 006Pigmountain_3851 007PigMountain_3848 008PigMountain_3824 009PigMountain_3912 010PigMountain_3835 011PigMountain_3863 012PigMountain_3831 013PigMountain_3920 014PigMountain_3914 015PigMountain_3908 016PigMountain_3910 017PigMountain_3903 018PigMountain_3899 019PigMountain_3924Photographed and Written by Bill Brady

Edited by Sasha Graham